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Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to my blog.  

I am Robert Lizotte, home inspector.  I created Inspection Lizotte because I have a passion for construction and I had an inspection done on a home that was less than stellar.

I wanted to help people to be able to make decisions based on the best information possible.  My goal is to help buyers and sellers be as informed about the house as possible.

The training at La Cité Collégiale (finished with honours) and Algonquin and my life experience in Reno’s etc… in conjunction with my passion allows me to make detailed inspections.

I am also a candidate member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI).  I participate in monthly training sessions and the yearly training seminars as well as some other training sessions in order to keep my skills current.

In this blog I will talk about some items that I look for during my inspections.  I will also put in some educational information and some scary stuff I found that would have cost the buyers a lot of money or possible grief.

Let's take a look at the picture above.

The fact that the ice is flowing from behind the gutter tells us that water is not going in the gutter as it should.  Either the gutter needs to be secured, adjusted or cleaned out. This “overflow” also showing by the streaks on the front can lead to premature deterioration of the roof section I am standing on. There is also some chance of damage above from ice damming causing water penetration in that section of the roof.

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    Hi everyone, 

    Welcome to my blog.  

    I am Robert Lizotte, home inspector.  I created Inspection Lizotte because...