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These 2 services are purchased for you by the inspector as a thank you for using the inspection services".
The "RecallChek" can be purchased individually for $39.95 CAD.


You simply take down the model numbers from all of the major appliances in your home, including, but not limited to, HVAC equipment, water heaters, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines and dryers. You may also include garbage disposals, exhaust fans, and smoke detectors. Serial numbers are optional, but are encouraged to be submitted as well. Within 2 business days of submitting your appliances, you will receive a detailed report summarizing our findings.

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RWS ISG WARRANTY Validate your Warranty

Once you access the fallowing link, please provide us with the date of your inspection. This is the date that your warranty will begin. This date is important and can be found on the front page of your inspection report.

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