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Infrared training and experience


In July 2015 Robert Lizotte enrolled in an online course for Infrared cameras. He passed this course a short time later, he purchase a camera and started testing his skills. As a result of this it was determined that additional hands on training was required. He enrolled in July 2016 in a course in Toronto.

This course was truly invaluable in demonstrating not only what an IR camera can do for a home inspector, but specifically how to use the camera he bought. Interpreting the pictures taken directly with his own camera was critical.

With this new knowledge, understanding and support from the Snell group if required, he was ready to professionally use the tool during an inspection in a manner that can really help his clients.

Since then he has discovered: overheated cables and electrical boxes behind drywall, leaking tubs and toilets, a mouse nest and some insulation that was now obsolete because of water damage in attics. 

The years of experience with this camera has provide opportunity to give clients some information about the house they are buying which could not have been noticed without it.

Clients have also saved thousands of dollarrs by being able to negotiate the purchase price or prepare to make the repairs before additional damage is done.

He does not charge extra for this service as he feels it would be a disservice to his clients not to use everything in his arsenal of tools to help them.